To offer individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families personalized supports that:
  • Promote a high quality of life.
  • Result in meaningful outcomes.
  • Foster full participation in their community.
To be a preferred provider of services and supports to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families, in New York City. To be a preferred employer for persons seeking a career in the field of Human Services.
To operate at the highest level of respect and integrity for the people we serve, their families, the community, our employees, and all supporting partners.

Why We Started Heaven’s Hands

Lorenzo & Leroy

Executive Director Lorenzo Brown listens to Leroy talk about his experience at Heaven’s Hands.

Our agency started with listening — 18 months of going door to door, family to family, in the evening and on weekends — so we could understand the challenges people faced when caring at home for a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability…

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Women told us about the strain on relationships that resulted when a child was diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability. Their stories of abandonment and helplessness fueled our commitment to develop services and supports for individuals caring at home for loved ones with disabilities.

Others had less complicated needs: a break from the daily grind of providing 24-hour-care; someone they could trust with their loved one while they went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, focused on their other children; or spend quality time with their significant other.

Many families had no idea what services were available to help them or were overwhelmed by the complexity of accessing services. The system itself had become a burden.

We Took Action

In response to the stories we heard, Heaven’s Hands advocated for State funding so we could develop services and provide the support that individuals and their families so desperately needed. We now support more than 800 individuals throughout New York City.

To help people qualify for and find the services they need, we provide service coordination. Our staff continues to guide people through the maze of eligibility and enrollment requirements. We are their advocates for as long as it takes to get the services and supports they need.

To help non-ambulatory individuals with higher medical needs get out into their communities, we worked with the State to set up programs that ensured access to the community for these individuals.

We Find a Way to Say “Yes”

We still listen and we still look for ways to serve individuals who are underserved. Our staff are encouraged to share their ideas so individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can reach their goals and live out their dreams. Whatever it takes, Heaven’s Hands finds a way to say, “Yes!”

Our Impact

Since Heaven’s Hands started in 2000, we have grown from a staff of three to a staff of several hundred employees, serving more than 800 individuals and their families. We help people set and reach milestones that matter to them. We want to help individuals with an intellectual and developmental disability enjoy new opportunities.

What services do we offer?

Heaven’s Hands helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve greater independence in their homes and more engagement with their communities.

  • Our Direct Support Professionals work one-on-one with individuals in their homes throughout New York City.
  • We help individuals learn in a group setting at our program locations in Brooklyn and Queens.
  • We offer respite care for caretakers at home, as well as after school, and during school holidays at our program sites in Brooklyn and Queens.
  • Our Service Coordinators help people apply for services with the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), help them qualify for Medicaid, and find other services they may need.

The Officers and
Board of Directors

Denise K. Filien MBA

Sharon Shields

Keisha Walker

Louis Daly

Joanne E. Gerenser, PhD

Danielle Green, MSED 

Charles Hope

Lisa Jones, LCSW

Maria Franqui

The Executive Team

Lorenzo Brown, MPA
Chief Executive Director

Eugene Brandon MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Mary Knox, LCSW
Chief Operating Officer

Main Office

882 Third Avenue
10th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11232

At our Day Habilitation facility, individuals enjoy socializing, working with others,
and improving their academic and life skills.

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Read About Our Business Practices

Heaven’s Hands Community Services, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization certified and monitored by the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). We are also monitored and audited by a number of federal, state and local agencies charged with overseeing the integrity and efficiency of the Medicaid programs for which we are funded.

We hold our employees, contracted practitioners, and vendors to a standard of zero tolerance for any activity associated with fraudulent, wasteful and/or abusive practices.