Help Us Go Above & Beyond

We take for granted how easy it is to perform many activities in our daily lives. For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, these everyday tasks can be great challenges and may bar the way to independence.


That’s where Heaven’s Hands comes in. For the past 15 years, we’ve been helping people with developmental disabilities nurture their abilities, develop their self confidence, and find their unique paths to greater independence, from learning to dress themselves to preparing a simple meal or finding out how to navigate their community safely.


Help Remove Barriers to a Better Life

We help people build the skills they need to realize their dreams. Government funding covers the basics of our programs, but leaves many gaps. With your help, we can fill those gaps so the individuals we support can lead richer, fuller lives.


A critical part of increased independence for individuals with disabilities is engagement in their communities and access to useful technology. But these are usually not funded by government agencies, and many families simply can’t afford them. With your help, we can provide:


  • Technology that allows people with disabilities to improve their abilities to communicate and learn.
  • Transportation to weekend activities that offer new opportunities for individuals to socialize.
  • A week at camp to develop critical skills, as well as providing a much needed break for parents and caregivers.
  • Access to museums, theaters, and skating rinks to provide new experiences that would otherwise not be available.


Everyone wants comfort, convenience, and celebration in their lives, but sometimes, these are beyond their financial reach. Help us provide:


  • A new coat, a stroller, a window air conditioner for a child’s room to create the basic comforts that make life a little easier.
  • Christmas tree trimmings, Kwanzaa kinara, a Channukah menorah or other items to bring warmth and cheer to individuals and their families.
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Donating by Mail

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Heaven’s Hands Community Services
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